The DJS Guide To Gun Cabinets and Safe

Choosing a Cabinet or safe

At DJS we make one of the largest ranges of gun cabinets or safes for rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Our simple guide will help you identify the right one for you.

Please see opposite for a simple guide to choosing an appropriate gun cabinet or safe.

What is Police approval?

All of our gun safes and gun cabinets are Police approved and manufactured and tested to BS 7558(1992).

Click here for an explanation of these standards: Guide To Storage

Principally, only cabinets which meet the specification BS 7558(1992) are police approved

Gun Cabinets and the Law

The 1968 firearms act and subsequent published guidelines help define the owners responsibilities for safe store and protection of rifles and shotguns.

Click here to find out more about the law: Gun cabinets and the law

Here is a simple synopsis of the gun storage guidelines prepared by North Yorkshire Police: North Yorkshire Police article

Selecting The Right Cabinet

DJS sell cabinets and safes for all requirements. The helpful product pages will guide you to select the best cabinet for you. Here are the things that should be considered when selecting a suitable gun cabinet:

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[toggle title=”1. How is the gun stored?”]

If you have limited space and intend to break-down your gun for storage. Then the DJS break-down cabinet would be suitable. Choose from the following breakdown cabinets:

Single Lock or Double Lock


[toggle title=”2. Number of Guns”]

The capacity of the gun cabinet will define the size of cabinet required. Our product information will show you what options you may need.


[toggle title=” 3. Type of gun”]

Scoped rifles or shotguns
Most rifles and shotguns will fit into the standard cabinets. However if you have a scoped gun then you may need to order an extra deep cabinet. The extra deep cabinets are clearly identified in the product catalogue.

Muzzle loaders or other long guns
Some muzzle loaders will need extra height and this can be achieved by ordering a larger cabinet or by ordering a cabinet without a shelf or lockable top compartment.
Choose from:

Standard security
High security

[toggle title=”4. Storage of ammunition”]

All sizes of cabinet (4 guns and above) can be specified with a shelf for general storage or a lockable inner compartment for legal storage of ammunition. Under current government legislation, this only applies to firearms ammunition .


[toggle title=”5. Security”]

DJS cabinets have been tested and meet requirements of BS 7558(1992). Which is the basis for your storage responsibilities.

We sell two ranges:

GB range Gun Cabinets for 2 to 9 guns
These are police approved and meet all of the requirements of the act
View the GB range

VL range of Vault locking gun safes
These offer additional security with our vault locking system plus double skinned doors and anti-jemmy return for addition theft protection.
View the VL range[/toggle]

[toggle title=”6. Fitting”]
DJS can supply a simple fixing pack to secure your cabinet to the walls and floor as specified in the firearm security handbook.

Click here for DJS Fixing Kit